New concepts in deterministic fundamental physics

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This web site is dedicated to the dissemination of inerton theory.

What is inerton theory? Inerton theory was developed by Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, later also in collaboration with Dr. Michel Bounias.

Dr. Krasnoholovets is a theoretical physicist. He has devoted his research primarily to the study of the fundamentals of solid state physics. He departed from the premise that current theories of fundamental physics are based on abstract mathematical models. They are not anchored in what could, or should, be called “real space”. He asked himself the question: “what is real space?”.

This web site is about the answer to this question. While trying to answer this question, a concept of real space was developed over time and eventually resulted in inerton theory. It is based on a mathematical model of “real space”, the way we experience it. With three physical dimensions plus time.

How to use this web site:

  1. BulletIf you are unfamiliar with physics and want to understand inerton theory, visit the section with presentations under the menu heading INERTON THEORY or click here to access the presentations directly.

  2. BulletIf you are a scientist with a good physics background, head immediately for our Wiki where we have posted an Encyclopedia of fundamental physics. Be prepared to meet some unexpected ideas!

  3. BulletIf you are already familiar with inerton theory and want to dive into the nitty-gritty, go to the section where we have posted all the Papers related to inerton theory by clicking here.

Inerton theory is in its infancy, even though certain practical applications are now being developed commercially. We are therefore looking for dedicated scientists that can become part of inerton theory and its implications. If you think you can offer knowledge in the areas discussed in the section INERTON THEORY, please contact us by clicking here. We are looking for PhD students, researchers with unexplained experimental result and scientists that are interested in developing the scientific concepts behind inerton theory further.

This web site is meant to act as a forum for scientists interested in studying and developing the concepts around inerton theory. It is meant to become a collaboration platform for this concept of fundamental physics that holds the promise to help us change the rules of the game in the world, to help mankind solve some of its existential issues.


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF INERTONS is a collaboration platform for scientists interested in studying and developing the concepts around inerton theory.

This platform will also be used to put certain ideas, developments and research interest in the public domain. is owned by Indra Scientific SA, a company that develops certain applications of inerton theory commercially.

To contact, click here.

For more information on Dr. Krasnoholovets’s work, you can visit his web site by clicking here.