Inerton Theory

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This page provides links to Presentations, Animations and Papers that will help explain inerton theory.


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF INERTONS is a collaboration platform for scientists interested in studying and developing the concepts around inerton theory.

This platform will also be used to put certain ideas, developments and research interest in the public domain. is owned by Indra Scientific SA, a company that develops certain applications of inerton theory commercially.

To contact, click here.

For more information on Dr. Krasnoholovets’s work, you can visit his web site by clicking here.

Introduction to inerton theory - this presentation is meant as a first introduction to inerton theory. Certain mathematical concepts are used but no formulae are used in the presentation. This presentation is recommended for everybody who is new to inerton theory including scientists. It will provide a useful base for the further study of inerton theory. To access this presentation directly, click here.

A contrarian’s ideas about fundamental physics - in this presentation inerton theory is explained in a more scientific way, touching on the mathematical concepts and tools used to build the inerton model of real space. It is meant as a further introduction to inerton theory for those people that do not shy away from mathematics. Be aware that the mathematical concepts used are less common and that further study may be needed to fully understand the mathematical framework. This presentation will be available soon.

Experimental results of inerton theory - this presentation introduces a number of experimental results of inerton theory. The experiments mainly deal with phenomena hitherto never explained by science. Inerton theory tries to explain these phenomena and tries to put them in a broader spectrum. To access this presentation directly, click here.

Here you can find animations of certain processes described in the Presentations.

Here we list the most important peer-reviewed papers dealing with inerton theory.

List of books that contain references, discussion or papers about the subject of inerton theory