inerton theory

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This page provides links to information about books that contain references, discussions or papers about inerton theory is a collaboration platform for scientists interested in studying and developing the concepts around inerton theory.

This platform will also be used to put certain ideas, developments and research interest in the public domain. is owned by Indra Scientific SA, a company that develops certain applications of inerton theory commercially.

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Kaivarainen, A. (2007). Book: “The Hierarchic Theory of Liquids and Solids. Computerized applications for ice, water, and Biosystems.” Nova Science Publishers, NY, USA.

ETHER SPACE-TIME & COSMOLOGY - Volume 1: Modern ether concepts, relativity and geometry - Michael C. Duffy and Joseph Levy Editors - Volodymyr Krasnoholovets Executive editor - for more information about this book, please click here.